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...being underdressed at a grill party

by bike (so there is a travel link to it)

sunny 30 °C

So there we were...finally on top of the hill...following our nice guides to the party...being totally exhausted from last nights party...having a ridiculous red head...but we made it!!

now there we turned up...first impression: looks like a nice place to make a grill party...approx. ratio men : women / 20 : 10...very good...for 20 francs unlimited drinks...perfect

that's what we thought, but then we had a closer look at our fellow party-goers...women in short skirts and high heels...men in thight shirts and fancy pants...and we...in a very casual dress (me in a polco-dotted shirt and scrubby looking pants). people seemed to like to ignore us...most of them anyway...we had fun discussing clothes style differences between north america and europe...learned quit a few new expressions...

some excitement came up while driving home on our bikes...was just talking about it earlier...about loosing drivers license when driving drunk on a bicycle...and then there they were...the border control...but they seem to have stopped already some illegal immigrant (must have been a French one ;-)) and they just looked us up and down a bit and let us drive by. what a tizzy on a saturday night...

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Swimming in the Rhine

are there "chemicals" involved?

sunny 31 °C

My boss just said a couple days ago, Basel is the first and maybe also the only city where people walk in the main street in their bathing suit. There is just everyone, old, youngsters, kids.
First time I went swimming in the Rhine, the weather was not that great so I did not have to stand in line to get into the water, but now, as the temperatures climbed over 30 C, it is literally a procession walking along the river to later float downstream.
Currently I life just about a block away from the rhine and work about 3k upstream. So my idea is now, no, not to swim upstream, but to go home in the river...We'll see how far I get...
I will put up some picture from this daily event...it's worth to see!

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